Math Tap

Jeremy Bowyer

Note: To see the full code of the app, visit my GitHub

Note: To download the app and try it yourself, go to the Google Play Store

I've been wanting to branch out a little and try my hand at some different aspects of programming lately. After taking some Java and Android tracks on Treehouse, I decided to make a simple android app.

I settled on a simple math game, Math Tap, which can be found on the Google Play Store. The gameplay consists of rounds with randomized math equations with 9 possible answers. As time goes on, wrong answers will be periodically removed. You start the game with 3 hearts. For every wrong answer, you lose a heart. If the round ends without you guessing the correct answer, you lose a heart. The game ends when you lose all 3 hearts.

The earlier in the round you guess the correct answer, the more points you'll receive. For every 3000 points earned, you'll advance to the next level. Each level increases the difficulty of the problem, but also the amount of points rewarded.